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Makarska (population 15,000) lies as the foot of Biokovo. Makarska is an economic, cultural and tourist centre of the Makarska Littoral. A ferry takes tourists to the island of Brac. It consists of the old core of the Mediterranean type and a newer part with hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. It has a beautiful 1,500 m long beach and numerous sandy coves.
We find the name Makarska only in the beginning of the 16th century in Turkish, Croatian and Latin sources. Its first name was Makar, a settlement at the foot of Biokovo, which was mentioned as Muccurum in the documents of the council in ancient Salona on 4th May, 533.

view MakarskaThe monument of the poet Andrija Kacic Miošic (the work of Ivan Rendic, 1889.) rises on a big steep town square named after him, as well as St. Marko church from the 17th century, in which valuable sculptural and painting works of art are kept, as well as applied art works.The most beautiful altar in the church is the work of the Venetian sculptor Pietro Onighi. In front of the church is a drinking-fountain from the 18th century.

On the peninsula of St. Petar there is a church with the same name dating back to the 9th century, demolished by the earthquake of 1962, and renewed in 1992. In the Franciscan monastery of St. Marija from the 16th century is a very rich library, a malacological museum with one of the richest collections of seashells in the world and the collection of the Baroque church painting. On the coast are the late Baroque church of St. Filip Neri and the Town Museum situated. The monument in the form of a slender pyramid, raised in 1808 in honour of the French marshal Marmont is situated at the entrance to the town.
Close to Makarska, there is Veprci, the
sanctuary of Gospa Lurdska. Due to its natural beauty and consecrated atmosphere, it is a widely known place of pilgrimage.
At the foothill of Biokovo, as protectors of Makarska, the villages Veliko Brdo, Puharici, Makar and Kotišina are situated, with a Biokovo botanical garden in the latter. Those places have kept the beauty of original popular architecture, so that they are attractive excursion targets today.

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