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The population of Sibenik is just over 41,000. Sibenik is one of the few places along the Croatian Adriatic coast not to emerge from either a Roman or Greek settlement. It is therefore the oldest Slavic town on the Croatian coast, possibly dating from the 11th century. As well as being under Venetian and Austro-Hungarian rule, it was also briefly under French occupation in the early part of the 19th century.


cathedral of St. James in SibenikOne of the most important sights in Sibenik is the cathedral of St. James, built between 1431 and 1536 from limestone and marble. The early stages of the cathedral were designed and built by Italian masters, but between 1444 and 1447 the work was under the direction of sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac. In the same square as the cathedral is a memorial to Dalmatinac, created by the greatest Croatian sculptor of the 20th century, Ivan Mestrovic.

Just to the north of the Cathedral is the Loggia, built in typical Italian style. Several other churches are worth visiting, such as the Church of St. Barbara and the Church of St. Nicholas.
In the heart of the Adriatic coast, at the mouth of the river Krka, hidden among the channels, there lies the Old Croatian fortress of St. Mihovil. In 11th century houses of a town emerged at the bottom of the fortress. The great Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV made the name of Šibenik famous ever after. That is the beginning of the town history and its beauties.
As much as, or even more than any other Croatian town, the people of Šibenik provided their belonging to the West European Christian civilization. Building their great cathedral of St. Jakov for a century, they did not even know that it will become an eternal and indestructible symbol of a town, as it was shown by the recent war history. Šibenik has remained the same as it was, the mouth and the spring of historical values; the mouth of river Krka with plenty of waterfalls in the National Park which is only 10 km far from the town, a hidden port toward the open sea with ecologically preserved group of more than a hundred of islands - Kornati - another National Park, and a historical source and inspiration to the most prominent Croatian writers, sculptors, architects and musicians


The Cathedral of Saint JakovThe cathedral located in Sibenik is a three-aisled basilica with three apses and a cupola (interior height 32 m). Construction of the cathedral was begun in the Venetian Gothic style, but was completed in the Toscana Renaissance style in 1555. Stone for its building was brought from the islands of Korcula, Susak, Brac, Rab and Krk. In 1444 construction works were led by Juraj (Matejev) Dalmatinac. Nikola Firentinac continued the work and after his death in 1505, it was finally completed by Bartolomeo and Gicomo da Mestre. Sibenik Cathedral was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2000.
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