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Welcome to the voyages by the White Fleet of Jadrolinija.
They will take you to the most beautiful islands, just as you like: safely, cosy and on time offering unforgettable moments and memories of sweat-sea smelling and miraculous coastal and island landscapes.
If you travel to the south of the Adriatic, after a long car-tour, do take the rest that you need and embark at Rijeka on board of the comfortable ships like 'Marko Polo', 'Dubrovnik' and Liburnija, which will take you to Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, or to the islands Dugi Otok, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet.For an unforgettable experience in sea travel on the local and international lines they offer you comfortable accommodation in tourist cabins, equipped with showers and toilets or in suites.
In our restaurants the passengers can enjoy exquisite food prepared by established Chefs and in selected, top-level local and international wines.


In Croatia are situated 3 major airports. These are situated in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik
Zagreb is the main airport from where frequent flights are organised to Split and Dubrovnik.
There are also some smaller ones, so that it's easy to reach a big part of Croatia by plane.


Pleso bb, p.p. 40 - 10150 Zagreb
(01) 4562 222, 6525 845
Fax.(01) 6551 648
(01) 6525 222

20117 Cilipi - Konavle
Tel. (020) 773 377
Fax.(020) 773 377
(020) 773-222

Kastelanska cesta 96
p.p. 2 ... 21120 Split
Tel. (021) 203 555
Fax.(021) 203 422
Informations: (021) 203 171

Cepin, Sv. Leoploda Mandica bb
p.p. 209 ...
31000 Osijek
Tel. (031) 297 340
Fax.(031) 297 360
Informations: (031) 297-438


Rivijera Kvarner
51530 Omisalj (Island of Krk)
(051) 842 040
Fax.(051) 842 032
Informations: (051) 842-132


Zracna Luka d.d., 23000 Zadar,p.p. 367
Tel. (023) 313 466
Fax.(023) 313 599
Informations: (023) 313-31


Valtursko polje bb,
p.p. 89, 52100 Pula
Tel. (052) 550 900
Fax.(052) 550 914, 550 915
Open only during summer season.

Losinjska plovidba, Turizam d.o.o.
Privlaka bb 51550 Mali Losinj
(051) 231 666
Fax.(051) 231 466

Open only during summer season.

Terminal bb
21400 Supetar
Tel. (021) 648 614
Fax.(021) 523 650


When driving by car to your location you'll better watch out for a few things.
There are just a very few of highways in the land. Most of the time you will be driving on normal roads. This takes time and can be tiring cause the roads are passing lots of mountains. Wright now Croatia is constructing a new highway from the North to the South. It currently spans 416 km from Zagreb (exit Lučko), via Split, to Šestanovac. It will soon span to Ploče (in 2008) and Dubrovnik When you're driving in the summer months, July or August, the roads will be very busy, so that there will be lots of traffic jams, especially during the weekends.
Another good advice that we would like to give is that lots of the Croatian people drive very reckless. So be very careful. Every year there are lots of accidents on the Croatian roads. Therefore we advice you to take a good rest before you enter Croatia, or else go with your car to the coast and relax on one of the boats of Jadrolinija !Croatia is already a few years busy improving the road net. New highways have been built. One of the most important economical connections lies between Rijeka and Zagreb. The part Karlovac-Zagreb was constructed already several years ago. This road is important to connect the harbour of Rijeka with the inland.


Zagreb direction Dalmatia
The highway A1 from Zagreb to Dalmatia is totally finished up to Sestanovac. The highway was named Dalmatina. In the summer of 2008 the highway will be finished up to Ploce. During the summer there are lots of traffic jams on the highway in front of the tunnel Sveti Rok. Croatia will improve this tunnel by making an extra entrance for the cars.

This short piece of highway is a very important one for tourists. Tourists coming from Italy as from Northern Europe can use the highway from the border post in Rupa. In Matulji (Rijeka/Opatija) it’s possible to drive to Zagreb or Split without leaving the highway.
They are working hard on this part highway. From Rijeka to Karlovac are lots of tunnels and bridges. This makes that it’s harder and more expensive to build. Lots of bridges are already built and a big part consists already out of a 2 or 3 track highway. Before the summer of 2008 the construction must have ended.

Istrian Y
This is the highway starting in the South close to Pula going to the Northern part, dividing in 2 parts close to Kanfanar. One part connects the Western coast and connects Croatia with the Slovenian and Italian highways. The other part goes to the main land (binnenland) to Pazin, the hart of Istra, and from there true tunnel Ucka to Rijeka. The main part of this highway is has still 1 track. This is still a big improvement comparing the coastal roads.
Rijeka-Zuta Lokva
This connection will make it possible to drive quicker and shorter to the South, without driving to Bosiljevo. Instead of driving 133 km, it will get possible to drive just 70 km. They are still working on this part of highway. Probably it won’t be finished in 2008.


Tunnel Ucka

28 kuna

Viaduct Mirna

14 kuna

Bridge to Krk

30 kuna


5 kuna


56 kuna


157 kuna


155 kuna

Zuta Lokva/Split

104 kuna


103 kuna


105 kuna


48 kuna


36 kuna


10 kuna


93 kuna

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