Tuesday 21 Nov 2017


Zrmanja is a typical karst river in the North of Dalmatia. The river is not very long; approximately 64 km. It’s crystal clear and winds itself through a 200 meter deep canyon. It’s one of the brightest and most beautiful rivers in Europe. Through the years, the river itself eroded through a limestone base which created these beautiful canyons. It’s the beautiful scenery where this canoe tour takes place. The participants enjoy not only the great adventure but also enjoy the surrounding. The canoe adventure starts in Kaštela Žegarski. The total distance that needs to be peddled is approximately 15 kilometres. The first part of the river is very quiet so that everybody can exercise and get familiar with the basic techniques of peddling. Gradually the environment changes and the river will enter the canyon and passes the high mountains. On this part of the he canoe needs to pass several waterfalls. The group is always accompanied by several tour guides who accompany and help the people in passing the waterfalls. At one of these falls the group will stop after a small tracking. Here can be eaten and swum.

The canoe tour is an adventure for young and old, for everyone who loves nature and adventure. A request for information and reservations can be made at the following e-mail address:
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Depending on your choice and possibilities you can climb for 10 minutes; 2 hours; a day, two days, 4 days or 8 days.
We offer the descending down the cliffs. You could choose 10 - 300 meters of height. Enjoy the view at the delta of the river Cetina and Omiš from the bird perspective.
Sport shoes, long or short sport clothing are needed (the rest is provided by the organiser).The organiser provides for the necessary equipment (belt, ropes. pins, magnesium sack) and instructor.
The equipment is safety tested up to 2500 kilos and the locations are ensured with quays and spits.

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