Tuesday 21 Nov 2017



Rafting is a sport in which the crew in the boats overcome on the specific known path, the river current. In our case, the river current of Cetina, is 9 km length. The drifting lasts about 3-4 hours.

Every boat has its own guide who is responsable for the crew and manages the boat. All guides that manage our raft trips are the members of the rafting club ''Cetina'' from Omis (champions of Croatia).
Guests will be greated at the restaurant in Radmanove Mlinice where transport will be organised to the starting position. Trip will end in Radmanove Mlinice (6 kilometres from Omiš, along the left coast of the river Cetina) after 3-4 hours of drifting through the canyon of one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers.

During the high seasons the air temperature amounts up to 30° C whereas the water temperature reaches 20° C being thus fit for swimming, hydro massages and etc. Along the whole path the plain portions of the river and currents, estimated as ones of the 1st and 2nd level, are being varied. Although these currents could be easily managed, the combined manoeuvres are necessary. Since the whole path does not require specific physical capacity even the children accompanied by their parents could participate in rafting (40% of discount).
Short and T-shirts, sandals or sport's shoes is everything you need during your stay at the river. The rest of the equipment is provided by the organiser.
Take the towel, dry clothes and shoes you will put on after the trip.

It is useful to be protected from the sun while at the river. If you want to take pictures, it is recommendable a waterproof camera. It is advisable not to take the valuable objects (jewellery, watches) and if you wear glasses tight them by the thin rope.

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