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Primošten is a part of the Sibenik-Knin County. It is situated in the south, in between the cities of Šibenik and Trogir, next to the main road M2-E65, near to the Adriatic coast. It’s a popular tourist resorts in Dalmatia. Primosten is one of the most picturesque small towns on the Adriatic, with a number of typical narrow streets in the old town core on a small, hilly peninsula.


After the Turkish conquests in Bosnia in 1463, inhabitants of the settlement Prhovo, Siroke and Krusevo >fled to safer regions. At the end of the 15th century, they inhabited a small island called Gola Glava, located near the coast. Since 1564 the settlement has been known as Primosten. At that time the settlement was protected by walls and towers. A draw bridge connected the island with the mainland. The island was over bridged, and that's how it got its name Primosten (over bridged) after the Croatian verb primostiti. When the Turks retreated, the draw bridge was replaced by a road.

At the end of the 19th century migrations of inhabitants were frequent. In the early 50's of the 20th century tourism started to bloom. Restaurant "Kremik" opened in 1956 and it was the first catering house with 20 beds. In 1983, the port "Marina Kremik" was built and was used for nautical tourism.


Primosten was built on a hill. The town is dominated by the parish church of St. George which was built in 1485 and restored in 1760 close to the local graveyard from which a unique view spreads to the sea and the surroundings. Here you can find the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary with silver adornments and a representation of St. Mary with St. Luke and St. George. It’s a work by Master Cusi from 1719. The entrance into the town features a Baroque chapel from 1790. The hamlet of Krusevo features the mediaeval church of St. Martin (tombstones on the cemetery). In Siroka you can find the church of St. Jerome from 1460 and in Prhovo the mediaeval church of St. George.


Primošten is also known for its traditional donkey race that takes part every summer. The largest beach is called Raduča, and its smaller part, Mala Raduča, is said to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Apart from these nice beaches there is also a nudist beach on the island of Smokvica.

In the surroundings of the city the guests can participate in various sports like tennis, table tennis, bowling, beach volleyball and yachting. In the vicinity of the town are yachting and diving schools. Aurora is a big outdoor discotheque not to far from the town. It’s very popular in the surroundings. During the summer time lots of theme evenings are organised and several deejays and Croatian singers come here to create a big ambiance.

There are several nice restaurants and taverns where the local dishes can be tasted. The most famous local speciality is spiny lobster a la Primosten. In the hinterland of Primosten, tourists are offered home-made food like prosciutto, cheese in olive oil, lamb, roasted meat, macrobiotic food, olive oil, lentils, and other traditional dishes.
Primošten is famous for its huge and beautiful vineyards. A photo of these vineyards hung in the UN center in New York.

Babic is produced from the autochthonous wine sort in the famous vineyards of Primosten, located in the rocks. The area's vineyards are currently under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage site.






















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