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Adventurous and active vacations

   Kanoeing on the River Zrmanje                            


Zrmanje is a crystal-clear karst river, meandering true a 200 meter deep canyon. The first part of the river is very calm so that the adventurers can practice and get used with the basic techniques. Slowly changes the surroundings and the group is paddling in a canyon. The river passes here several waterfalls that needs to be conquered by the canoes. The group is accompanied by several guides escorting and helping the guests passing the waterfalls.



Canyoning is one of the newest adventurous activities. The participants can discover the untouched nature. In the canyon the group will walk, jump, swim and climb. This trip raises challenge and the adrenaline in the bloodstream. On this unforgettable unique excursion the group will be accompanied by professional guides.



Windsurfing is one of these sports that looks very simple, so that everybody gets the wish to jump on that board to get going. While windsurfing isn't that diffult, yet it's advised to take some lessons with an experienced instructor, on material especially for beginners.



Rafting is a sport whereby adventurers in a boat follow the stream of a river passing several obstacles. Here the group descents the River Cetina over a length of 9 km. The trip will take 3 to 4 hours.
In every boat sits a guide who is responsible for the people in the boat.



Take part with your friends in a paintball adventure. It's a day ful of fun with lots of challeges and strategy. In a beautiful surrounding are fighting 2 paintball teams for victory.

   Free climbing                            


In Croatia one can find excellent locations for practising this sport. Especially the National Park of Paklenica and the Cetine canyon are very popular. Depending your choice a location is chosen.
One can also descend the cliffs. It's possible to choose heights in between 10 and 300 meter. Enjoy in Cetina the view over the delta of the River Cetina and the picturesque city Omis.

   Adventurous and active tours                    


Thalatos Tours offers a wide variety of adventurous and active tours.

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